Chiropractor responds to a call for a doctor onboard a plane, woman dies

Thirty thousand feet above the Atlantic Ocean, flight attendant Harry Lane grabbed a handset and spoke hurriedly to the entire cabin: ‘If there is a doctor onboard, please make yourself known to a flight attendant.’

That plea for a doctor was inspired by a passenger choking on a roll from an in-flight meal that they assumed was edible. As flight attendants struggled to revive the rapidly deteriorating passenger, Harry decided the best course of action would be to call for a qualified physician.

‘Obviously,’ Harry told our reporter, ‘I regret calling for a doctor now.’

The only person to respond was thirty-four year old Suzanne Dellai, a chiropractor who graduated from Perth Upstairs Chiropractic Distance School.

‘At first,’ Harry continued, ‘it was relief seeing someone approaching while we had this poor woman choking on the floor of the cabin.’

That relief quickly dissolved as Suzanne inspected the patient.

‘This Suzanne person said they were a chiropractor. That’s some kind of doctor, right?’ Harry said. ‘She started “humming” and “awing” while the passenger was turning blue in the face. Then Suzanne finally said that, in order to save the woman, we’ll need to turn her onto her stomach for a spinal adjustment.’

Upon turning the passenger over onto her front, Suzanne reportedly began “adjusting” the woman’s back. An “adjustment” is a chiropractic term for applying pressure around a joint in order to release the gases that naturally build up.

Harry let out a melancholy sigh before continuing, ‘I kept hearing crack-crack-crack but the passenger’s eyes were growing wider with fear until eventually they closed. Still, Suzanne kept adjusting and saying, “Stay with me, damn it.”‘

According to Suzanne, she tried everything she had been taught to do in an emergency. She said, ‘Honestly, it just feels like this was God’s plan. You can adjust a back all you want, but if God wants to take someone, He will.’

Perth Upstairs Chiropractic Distance School was unavailable for comment as they had allegedly failed to pay rent to their landlord for seven months.

‘It’s pretty great being a doctor, though,’ Suzanne told us. ‘People listen to me. It feels great to get the respect I deserve.’

Suzanne Dellai specialises in newborn infant adjustments and those at risk of myocardial infarction.