Window cleaner witness to a crime but bound by iron clad non-disclosure agreement

‘You guys have no idea what I saw,’ Gavin McCloud said, whistling sharply. ‘It was horrifying. Genuinely horrifying. A certain liquid was just sprayed everywhere.’

Gavin McCloud spoke to us after finishing his shift at a motel on Route 401, where he has been a window cleaner for four years.

‘I just do my job, you know?’ Gavin told us. ‘I see things. I see all sorts of illegal things, but when I signed up, I took an oath. I signed it with my name. You just don’t go and break that kind of thing.’

When asked on the legality of the incidents he has witnessed, he replied: ‘Look, let’s just say, when you go home and you turn the TV on and there’s a missing child or whatever, let’s just say that if I hadn’t signed that NDA with my employer, there would be a reunited family somewhere out there right now. But I signed and it’s my cross to bear.’