Four metre tall Venus Fly Trap crowned by record books, gardener missing

In the plant world, it’s an honour to break a record, and that’s exactly what happened for Evelyn Ng from New York. Her Venus Fly Trap officially broke the record for the world’s tallest. Standing at four metres and three centimetres, the Trap with its human-shaped stem is a wonder to behold.

Unfortunately, the plant’s propagator and creator, Evelyn, has been missing for the past four days.

Mandy Ng, Evelyn’s sister, has asked for Evelyn to come home. ‘You broke the record! You need to come home and celebrate, Evelyn!’ She told gathered press at the plant’s crowning.

The Trap, which according to its feeding history, hasn’t been fed in four days. ‘It looks in really good condition,’ Richard Banks, World Plant Records editor said. ‘Wherever Evelyn is, I’m sure she’d be so proud of her creation.’