Awkward moment at seance as psychic’s great grandmother decries him as a scam artist

Martin Woolover has spent the last six years of his life leading seances and fortune-telling sessions. But on Monday, he found himself a victim of what he calls ‘slanderous’ accusations.

During a Ouija board session with a client, Martin’s own great grandmother – Beatrice Woolover – interrupted to declare, ‘Woooooo, Martin is scamming youuuuu. There’s no such thing as ghostssss.’

Beatrice passed in 1953.

‘This is just so like her,’ Martin told us. ‘She’d do anything to upstage me.’

The pair reportedly shouted back and forth at each other until Martin’s fingers got tired.

The client who was present at the session, Shelly Danzer, had this to say: ‘I just wanted to see if my cat was okay.’