Former local News TV anchor devastated to learn that she is unemployable, more at 9

Leanne Palmer wrote down a sentence on a piece of paper before reading it out to our journalist: ‘I don’t know why I can’t find a job; I can read really good.’

She flashed her well-practiced smile and wrote on the paper again. ‘My smile has also won Dallas’ Best Smile in Local News for three non-consecutive years,’ she read from the paper.

As more and more people are turning to the Internet for their news, TV anchors are finding themselves redundant at a quickening pace. One former camerawoman told us that after being laid off, she managed to find work in the adult entertainment industry. For people like, Leanne, however, things aren’t so rosy.

When asked if she had any other skills, Leanne responded – after writing it down – that she could always turn to realty. ‘I hear that people love a realtor who can tell it like it is and I’ve always done that whenever I’m on the screen. As evidenced when I won the award for Texas News Anchors Who Tell It Like It Is in 1998 and 2000,’ she said.

Leanne spent some time job searching through the local newspaper before closing it with a sigh. She drew a sad smiley face on the paper and her lips soured into a frown.