Hygiene scientist forgets gloves, trapped in public toilet for 17 hours

Prof. Donald Mueller of the University of Muenchen spent nearly 18 hours trapped inside of a public toilet after he forgot his prophylactic gloves.

‘I’ve never been so terrified in all my days,’ the Professor told us in an exclusive interview. ‘It’s the nightmare of nightmares.’

The Professor advised us that the door was not locked but that he ‘had nothing to open it with. There was no toilet paper in there and I didn’t want to get germs on my sleeves.’

‘Someone had also made a mess in the only cubicle – how do you get it on the ceiling? – and I would like for them to clean it up,’ he added.

Professor Mueller’s rescue came at the hands of a twenty-seven year old heroin addict who came to use the toilet for some privacy.