Postgraduate with degree in Roman coin minting frustrated at lack of job opportunities

Jack Michaels chose to study a Bachelor of Arts degree in Roman Coin Minting from the University of Cornwall in England. The results have been stunning for the 22 year old.

‘After completing my degree,’ Jack told us, ‘I was surprised to learn that Roman denominations hadn’t been in circulation for the best part of two thousand years.’

Jack showed us his coin-creating talents with his expensive melting instruments and dies. ‘I was planning to make some money by just creating my own money but now my hard work is useless.’

‘I went into a shop just the other day and tried to buy some fruit with my coins,’ he says. ‘The shopkeeper called the police because he thought I’d stolen them from a museum or something.’

A spokesperson for the Roman History museum in London referred to the coins as ‘brilliantly forged’ and that ‘Jack has an excellent career in, uh… well, I’m sure something will come along.’