Whales ask tourists to feed their plastic addiction

Mary-Lou Staceybelle Smith experienced a moment with whales that she’ll never forget.

Sitting on a dock with our reporters near Anchorage, Alaska, Mary-Lou told us that a whale had spoken to her while she was on a tourist-outing on the waters nearby.

‘I swear to the great God above that this huge whale came up from beneath and spoke to us,’ Mary-Lou said, while slurping on a coke from a Styrofoam cup. ‘He breached the surface and looked right at us and our tour boat and said, in perfect American, “Hey, do you guys got any more of that plastic stuff?”‘

‘Now, we all thought this was amazing and so we started throwing everything plastic that we had. Water bottles, straws, shoes. I even threw my camera. This whale just gobbled it all up.’

Mary-Lou looked thoughtfully at the horizon. ‘All these environmentalists keep thinking all this plastic in the ocean is a bad thing, but the whales love it. Case in point, after that first whale swam away, another one came up and asked if we had any left. We obviously didn’t and he got very aggressive and started bashing our boat.

‘We nearly died,’ she laughed. ‘I’ve got about sixteen years worth of Tupperware containers that I’ve been meaning to throw out at home, so I’ll be making another trip to the ocean soon.’