MMA fighter stubs toe on way into cage, bout cancelled

‘It really hurt,’ Toby Tanaka, two-time Face Punching Champion, told gathered sports reporters.

The MMA fighter reportedly gasped and fell to his knees after striking his toe on the steel support structure of the cage. A crowd of several hundred fight fans watched on as doctors inspected the fighter. The referee, after conferring with fight officials, eventually declared the fight a no-contest.

As Tanaka writhed in agony on the ground, he is reported to have said, ‘Ow, my foot finger really hurts.’

One person in the building, however, was happy: ‘My friends have been laughing at me for years,’ a man, who would only give his name as Dillon, told a reporter. ‘Four years ago, I made a bet that Toby Tanaka would kick the outside of the cage in January 2020, at 9:30 pm, and the fight would be called off.

‘Best dollar I’ve ever won.’