SHOCKING: Tapout T-shirt wearer starts fight with random stranger

With a bloody nose and a suspected permanent concussion, Darrel Patrick checks his Tapout T-shirt for any rips or tears.

‘This T-shirt cost me twenty-five dollars, I need to make sure it’s okay,’ Darrel said when asked by our reporter if he’d like to go to the hospital after the fight.

Darrel is one of millions of Tapout apparel wearers who start fights with random people in the street every single day. And, as is often the outcome, Darrel received some powerful blows to the head until his opponent expressed pity and walked away.

‘Did you see that other guy, though?’ Darrel asked. ‘I totally scared him. I had him in a kimura leg lock. Did you see that? It was some Chael Sonnen-type stuff. You wouldn’t know him. He’s old school like me.’

When asked on why the fight began, Darrel responded: ‘We were in line at Burger King when he looked over at me and our eyes locked. He said he could take me and I said that he couldn’t. Well, he didn’t say it exactly but his eyes did and I just felt a rush of adrenaline and I shot for the double leg. He squirted barbecue sauce in my eyes which is why he won. That’s the only reason.’

He squirted barbecue sauce in my eyes which is why he won.

His ex-wife, Tara, who is also his current girlfriend, had the following to say, ‘He’s a nice, normal guy. It’s just when he wears those tops that he just gets a bit crazy.’

‘Don’t diss my shirts, Tara,’ Darrel interjected. ‘I’ll triangle choke slam you.’