Grave digger finds dead body

‘I was robbing some graves of jewelry when I saw ‘im lying there. All dead and stuff,’ Herbert T. Williams, professional grave digger, told our journalist.

‘The best time to rob graves, I’ve found, is at night time because there are less grievers and whatnot,’ Mr Williams continued. ‘And I’m often busy digging the holes and chucking the bodies in there.’

Williams brought our reporter over to the body of the unidentified man and pointed.

‘See? I told you I’d found a dead body. You guys thought it was a joke call, but it’s real, see? There’s a dead guy,’ Williams said and pointed to a decomposing, fully-clothed corpse.

‘You didn’t call the police?’ Our journalist asked him.

‘No,’ Williams shook his head. ‘I was thinking maybe it was zombie thing. I was gonna call a relative and get him picked up he didn’t have anything in his wallet.’